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Rainbow Wingnut Cutaway Fin
Rainbow Wingnut Cutaway Fin review

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Rainbow Wingnut Cutaway Fin

The combo fin, loose for turns but with a nice tip to hold in on noserides. "I originally wanted this fin so that my single fin board with hard edges would respond with the "squirt" of a tri-finbut without the tracking that sometimes occurs from multiple fins. This fin is also a great complement to a two plus one set-up." -Wingnut

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wingnut cutaway
service is exceptional, i called and spoke to an expert who helped me buy the proper size fin for my board, the sales was smooth, and the product arrived the next day !!! this fin is AWESOME ... i use it on an 8' 6" tri-fin as the center fin. the board turns beautifully, and still tracks perfectly on larger waves :) i like that these guys surf as well ... instead of just being dudes in a warehouse slanging product over the internet. nice work, thank you vry much.
Reviewed by: jeff from nor-cal. on 3/9/2011